The AfroVillage PDX Movement: Empowering Futures for Black, Brown and Unrecognized Communities
Date & Time
Saturday, October 14, 2023, 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM
LaQuida Landford Kirk Rea Jung Choothian Marta Petteni Sahara Defree

The AfroVillage PDX Movement fosters equity, dignity, and sustainability in Portland’s Black and Brown communities, with a focus on women, immigrants, and people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. The movement acknowledges the realities that: our Black community is represented at disproportionately higher rates within Portland homeless population; current services do not adequately serve BIPoC communities; and safe spaces for African-Americans, both unhoused and housed, are critically needed as systemic racism has pushed the community away from the city centre. In response, the Movement provides healing spaces, direct care, professional and educational opportunities, and a variety of critical services including food, hygiene, and shelter to community members in need. The movement also works to eliminate the systemic barriers that make housing, technology, and economic opportunities inaccessible to our Black and Brown communities. The course will provide an overview of Portland's history of discrimination and how it reflects in the Afrovillage mission and work. It will also showcase examples of AfroVillage community-driven projects and design solutions. Lastly, it will provide participants with key recommendations on how to create and nurture healing, inclusive, and equitable programs and spaces for our diverse communities.

Location Name
Grand Ballroom
Full Address
Hilton Portland Downtown
921 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97204
United States
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Course Credit
Number of Credits
1.5 Learning Units (90 min)