Full Name
LaQuida Landford
Job Title
CEO, Lead Visionary
AfroVillage PDX
Speaker Bio
Laquida - “Q” - is a community health worker, with a strength in community organiser, policy advocacy, civic engagement, and smart city framework, and all-around community navigator with roots in Portland. Los Angeles and Belize. She is the founder of the ‘Green In The Hood PDX ‘ an initiative based on flipping the historical stereotypes and public policies narratives about about Black and Brown communities that have lived in historical low- income, and underserved neighbourhoods throughout White Americas government agenda the “War on Poverty and War on Drugs left Black with a Cause and Affect driven 21 st Century Black Lives Matter Movement. ‘Green In The Hood PDX ‘has been doing grassroots organising, working with PSU students to organize a Black-led transitional housing with possible Willamette River access, leading emergency preparedness workshop, and other economic development pop-ups throughout the city. LaQuida has been focused on housing justice work, keeping environmental injustice at the front of the conversation in moving toward transformative healing through intentional community leddesign and green workforce development and is currently leading efforts to create an Afro-Village, by and for houseless Black women. Shifting Gears: A journey through LaQuida “Q” Portland Community Organizing from restorative healing justice, food justice, housing justice, community access to shared transportation, youth green workforce opportunities, social equity in the cannabis/hemp industry.
LaQuida Landford