Full Name
Janeen Harrell
Job Title
Founder | Director
Speaker Bio
Janeen always enjoyed the arts and math and realized at a young age that architecture and interiors seemed the perfect marriage of her scientific and creative sides. She has made it a priority to balance academia and creative expression. Janeen’s community work seeks to encourage diversity and exposure within the design professions, as well as, performance arts. An architect and interior designer, Janeen approaches her work with a unique and thorough perspective. She is responsible for design, management, and successful completion of a broad range of projects including: high profile corporate renovations in Chicago skyscrapers such as the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), the Illinois Center, the Franklin Building, and the Hancock Building; residential projects from affordable developments with the Chicago Housing Authority to high end single and multifamily homes/towers; classroom and student services buildings at HBCUs and community colleges; and hotels, and cultural heritage museums. Janeen has extensive experience in varied phases of projects and consistently delivers thoughtful, contextual, well-crafted design solutions to the built environment, while maintaining excellent client and consultant relationships. A native of Durham, North Carolina, Janeen has enjoyed living and practicing in Chicago, Illinois since 2007. She served as AIA Illinois president in 2020.
Janeen Harrell