Full Name
Lisa Cholmondeley
Job Title
Architect and Project Director
Gensler D.C.
Speaker Bio
Lisa is an optimistic placemaker who believes that diversity in people, culture, and places serve as reminders of new ways to experience the world. She is an Architect and Project Director at Gensler DC with 26+ years of experience. She joined Gensler in London in 2008. She has delivered projects in the US, the UK, the Middle East, and Africa and most recently has been focused on large scale, mixed-use commercial projects and social and equity reviews. She's currently the co-Director of Center for Research on Equity in the Built Environment at Gensler and participates broadly on talks on design and equity in our built environment. She believes the most powerful way to connect with people is by breaking bread. An avid traveler, she is joyfully inspired when outside of her comfort zone, exploring new cultures and places, and navigating her surrounding in different ways.
Lisa Cholmondeley