Full Name
Hannah Silver
Job Title
Inclusive Design Facilitator
Speaker Bio
Hannah joined Holst in 2022, bringing a background in architecture and urban planning, with a broad understanding of health, equity, and sustainable design best practices. She has extensive experience working on community outreach and engagement, as well as workshop facilitation. Hannah is committed to centering the experiences of spatially marginalized people, highlighting intersectional needs, and emphasizing practical strategies for making good design happen. At Holst, Hannah is a resource for project teams as they develop equitable community engagement strategies and adopt inclusivity best practices into their building designs. She is a passionate educator and has developed learning opportunities for staff and clients covering a wide range of critical design justice topics. Prior to Holst, Hannah worked in consulting as the founder of Informal/Function (I/F), providing accessible and engaging education about inclusive design to building project teams. Most recently, Hannah has been working with Holst’s Multnomah County Library team on community engagement events and inclusive design principles for the future East County Library. This new library on a new site will be an estimated 95,000 square feet, providing an exciting level of services and programming in a vibrant, diverse location.
Hannah Silver