Shared History: The Exploration of Enslavement and Education
Date & Time
Thursday, October 12, 2023, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
Burt Pinnock Ashleigh Brock Jody Allen

America’s educational institutions have a complex relationship with enslavement. Many of our most celebrated historic campuses created on the literal backs of enslaved labor spanning generations. Today, these hallowed halls are grappling with their legacy, digging into the full breadth of their histories, and shining a light on the previously darkest corners of their origin stories. Empowered by the voices of students and the actions of current administrations, and bolstered by a larger national dialogue, universities are now confronting the intersection of their heritage with that of enslavement. For universities and design teams embarking on this process, it can seem daunting. In this session, we’ll discuss the various ways colleges and universities are inviting conversation amongst their students and staff, faculty, alumni, and broader communities, and explore the methods they’re utilizing to make visible a previously unseen history. Hear from leadership at William & Mary and Wake Forest University in conversation with AIA Fellow Burt Pinnock, as they share their journeys reckoning a complex past in the context of campus stewardship, community engagement, and the responsibilities of academia.

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Broadway I/II
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Hilton Portland Downtown
921 SW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97204
United States
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1 Learning Unit (60 min.)